Cavendish House Trust

4 Saxbys Lane, Lingfield, RH7 6DN

Tel  01342 833297

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How we support our residents

How We Support Our Residents

At Cavendish house, we work hard to maintain a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where the residents are able to be themselves and feel totally at home. Our residents can rest assured that their wishes and requirements are respected and be placed them at the centre of their care.


There is always plenty going on and they can always find someone to talk to who will listen, and equally important, somewhere where they can be by themselves to unwind and chill out. Our staff fully respect them as an individuals.


The village of Linfield provide a very close and caring community with a high understanding and respect for our residents. Our staff, many of whom live locally, actually say that it is a pleasure to come to work and to be amongst friends! Some of them have been working at the Cavendish for many years, which is really good news for our residents and their families since it means they are able get to know people over a period of time and their knowledge and understanding of their particular needs.


In addition to support services that help them feel safe and comfortable in surroundings our residents are encouraged to take part in activities that enrich their lives and put a sparkle into each day.

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