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4 Saxbys Lane, Lingfield, RH7 6DN

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Aims & Objectives

Our Aims and Objectives

Cavendish House Trust aims to provide a personalised service to everyone in our care. We aim to meet each person’s individual needs, wishes and aspirations in order to enable them to lead a fulfilling life.


We intend to achieve this level of service by aspiring to a standard of excellence that embraces the fundamental principles of personalisation.  


Our person centred approach will involve the residents in any decisions about their care and more choice in the services they receive.


To meet these aims, Cavendish House Trust abides by the following guiding principles:


•Citizenship -  our residents will have the right to play a full role as a citizen in the community.


•Good Quality Person Centred Care – our residents’ needs and wishes will be central to the support and/or care provided via full consultation and involvement.


•Social Inclusion – our residents will be encouraged and supported to make informed choices  when using community resources and participating in the local or wider community.


•Consultation – our residents will be consulted on who they want to provide their support or care. They will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly meetings. Twice yearly feed-back questionnaires will be offered to our residents and their families to complete. Residents will be provided with information in the appropriate format on how to make a complaint, compliment or suggestion.


•Personal Values – our residents will be respected regardless of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, social background, disabilities or impairments.


•Confidentiality – our residents will be made aware that information about them is handled appropriately and in accordance with Care Dynamics confidentially policy and procedure.


•Best Practice and Continuous Improvement –we will strive for continuous improvement to meet an ever changing social care environment by aiming to be an innovative/dynamic service that at a minimum also complies with all legislative and national guidance.


•Care / Support workers –we will implement and manage a recruitment process that involves the residents. A full and comprehensive training programme for staff members is in place, along with development opportunities. We will strive to maintain continuity of staff wherever possible to provide consistency, security and trust for the residents.


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